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Digital-Jedi.com: A New Hope Strikes Awakens


If you’ve ever ventured to this website in the past, you’ll probably notice it’s markedly different from anything here before. It’s also markedly different from my previous blog on Blogger. I’m migrating posts and content here because, well, Blogger’s dashboard is ungodly slow. And none of the themes I chose would cooperate with my content. I’m hitting some ups and downs with this WordPress theme, but so far, it’s better than what I had. I just had been avoiding diving into WordPress administration for years, and really, there’s no reason for it.

This site, as Blogger intended, will serve as the portal for all my creative projects as well as my primary…well, blog. News, YouTube videos from my channel, as well as any creative update will be shared here, in addition to my social media accounts.

I’m still setting up tags and categories and a LOT of work needs to be done. (That logo in the banner, for example, needs work.) But hopefully you’ll join me and give me some feedback on how the site looks, functions and operates. I’ll try to be funnier. No promises.

Oh yeah, and affiliate links. I’ll be doing those, too. Ooooh, what a coincidence….

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