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Digital Artist in the spirit of Bruce Timm, Elsa Charretier and Adam Hughes. Only with none of the talent, notability or effort. Visit my Gallery on DeviantArt to see my art evolution through the ages.

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Creator and illustrator of the upcoming webcomic Eon Press Presents, the quadrennial web strip Pwnd! and contributing artist on the DC fan comic Legacies of the DCAU. 

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This is the Portfolio thing that WordPress does, and I can’t get it to work right. But as an aside, some of my major projects can be found here as well as rando posts of my trying to get Featured Images in WordPress to work.

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Starfleet Woman

This is a clever name. I’m clever at naming things. I should get a job naming things.   #StarTrek #MarkDanielMartinez
By : Digital Jedi | May 8, 2018


So, uh, yeah. I kinda forgot today was going to be #MayThe4thBeWithYou. So I just got this finished tonight. It’s May 4th somewhere…right?
By : Digital Jedi | May 5, 2018

RE: “23 Things That Made No Sense in Black Panther”

This article is actually a 1st draft or “proof” for a video I’m working on. As such, it might have some incomplete thoughts. I thought it might be fun to share, butRead More...
By : Digital Jedi | Feb 20, 2018

Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors

“Marvel Rising” is a feature film coming in 2018 about the most diverse members of the Marvel Universe all in one animated feature. Of note is some of the cast members, including ChloeRead More...
By : Digital Jedi | Dec 8, 2017

Hippolyta (Wonder Woman)

Finished up another sketch I did a while back of my interpretation of #Hippolyta as #WonderWoman in #BruceTimm-style. I…forgot that the #DCAU had already featured Hippolyta…several times…so I didn’t use the facialRead More...
By : Digital Jedi | Dec 6, 2017
0 A New Hope Strikes Awakens

  If you’ve ever ventured to this website in the past, you’ll probably notice it’s markedly different from anything here before. It’s also markedly different from my previous blog on Blogger. I’mRead More...
By : Digital Jedi | Nov 26, 2017

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Did I mention I draw lots of stuff? I draw lots of stuff.

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My creative endeavors require a crack team of specialists who ignore everything I say and do what they want.

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