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Greetings Programs! I'm Digital Jedi! Watch EVERYTHING! Here at DigitalJediMaster, we do trailer reactions, movie reviews on the night of the film and commentary on geek culture. My goal is to look at things a little more positively, not just for the sake of providing balance, but for the sake of seeing value in things that might be being overlooked for the sake of comedic expediency, or exposing something that's fallen prey to groupthink when there's more to it than meets the eye or something is factually inaccurate.Think of me a little like The Nerdist, only with an eighth of the content and none of the subscribers!Oh yeah, I could use subscribers. So...please do that.
The Lightspeed Report 18.08.02 :: #Marvel10YearSweepstakes
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Published at 2018, February 09
#Marvel10YearSweepstakes Official Entry Rules: http://marvel.com/10YearSweepstakes

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