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Watch Everything!Okay, maybe not literally. But I try to.The Like/Dislike scenario has gone too far, and here on my channel, I hope to remind people what it was like to be nuanced.Entertainment is subjective. Which means, given enough effort, you can see the value in something you might not have otherwise liked. My goal is to, in some small way, change the conversation around entertainment and remind people that there's no such thing as good or bad entertainment. Only what you're capable of appreciating from it.
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Published at 2020, September 24
Yeah, I know. This is late. Look, COVID affected everyone differently. But I had a moment chillin' in a waiting room and was able to throw together this footage I shot the night of DC FanDome into Premiere and get uploaded. This was my live reaction to the trailer as it first aired on the livestream. So please enjoy even though it's several days worth irrelevant. I don't hop on trends. I follow them home and stand outside their apartment.