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Greetings Programs! I'm Digital Jedi! Watch EVERYTHING! Here at DigitalJediMaster, we do trailer reactions, movie reviews on the night of the film and commentary on geek culture. The rest of YouTube looks at entertainment as an either/or scenario. Either it was good. Or it was a pile of steaming garbage. This is wrong, and my goal on YouTube will be to, in some small way, remind people that entertainment is subjective. not objective. To show people that there is actually nuance between the Like and Dislike button. That someone else's perspective on something you didn't like can open your eyes to things you never before considered. That no movie is good or bad. Only what your personal experience allowed you to take from it.There is value in even the worst movie you can think of, if you're willing to look for it. Think of me a little like The Nerdist, only with an eighth of the content and none of the subscribers!Oh yeah, I could use subscribers. So...please do that.
The Lightspeed Report 18.08.02 :: #Marvel10YearSweepstakes
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Published at 2018, February 09
#Marvel10YearSweepstakes Official Entry Rules: http://marvel.com/10YearSweepstakes

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