Fan Ficiton

This is just a teaser I wrote on a creative whim, based on…an unusual thought that popped into my head one day. I’d previously thought a Klingon-centric Star Trek series would never really work, because at it’s heart, Star Trek is about the human condition. People who are human, trying to figure themselves out. Robots who aren’t human who want to be. Aliens who have to work with humans and want to understand them. Aliens that don’t like humans and are forced to interact with them anyway.

So the idea of a Star Trek Klingon series seemed antithetical to the premise. Until I thought about it a different way. Star Trek has always explored the human condition through social commentary and juxtaposition relative to the issues of the days each series was on the air. So what if a Star Trek series placed the Klingons in the same position humanity is in now? We face a lot of issues from our own kind. Denial, political corruption and traditionalism not only stand in the way of progress, but often form a threat to our continued survival. So my Star Trek series would focus on the Klingons’ point of the view of the galaxy set after the events of the final Next Generation-era film, Nemesis. 

The Galaxy will be experiencing a relative peace-time era, with technological advancement moving at a rapid pace. A rapid pace for everyone, except the Klingons. The Klingons are in a unique position in the galaxy. They didn’t become technological on their own. They overthrew invaders who enslaved them and took their technology and started conquering worlds. Now that the are a part of the galactic community, rather than trying to overthrow it, where do they go from here? How do they survive when they no longer need to kill and conquer to get what they want? How does one live in civilized society, and still be able to call himself “Klingon”?

That’s what I would explore in my series, and my pitch kinda sets that premise up. I only know a little bit about script writing, so I’m not trying to land any TV deals here. This was just for fun, even though I did take it seriously from a creative standpoint. And maybe I’ll flesh the full pilot out one day. In any event, if you got through those paragraphs, then you’ll probably be interested in the series. Hope you enjoy and I’d be interested to get your feedback.

“Star Trek: Evolution” Series Teaser and Act One