#RetroPodcasting #2014 Something I had always been meaning to upload, but never got around to. Mr. GeekspeX and I had plans to do a regular podcast, which never quite came to fruition. Our first podcast went great, until we discovered the mic hadn’t recorded anything…at all. This was about our third to fourth try over the course of a year trying to get it together. I posted it to my SoundCloud account back in the day, not realizing that SoundsCloud had upload limits. I’m not sure why I never went ahead and posted it to our GeekspeX account here. But, well, here you go. In this show we present our thoughts on all the magnificence that was about to flourish in the coming years. Pre-Daredevil. Pre-Dawn of Justice. Pre-Force Awakens. I believe we hadn’t even seen Winter Soldier, yet. It was a rather amazing time to be a Geek. So if you’re interested in hearing this blast from the past, here it is for the first time on YouTube. Maybe this will spur me on to finally get around to producing my own podcast for my channel. Enjoy!

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