This is just a preview of the micropodcasting I’m doing on Anchor.FM. I’m experimenting all this month, so you should be able to catch me posting every day about stuff in the realm of Geekdom! ?️ You can find my station at But it’s better if you listen to me on the app. It allows for five minute segments to play as a continuous stream, streaming music and you can even call into the show and I’ll post your call on the air! It’s almost like I’m a real DJ! “Now that’s a kille—” *slap* Shut up, Harley! Download the Anchor.FM app now and search for Digital Jedi Master. iPhone: Android: Add me to your Favorites, so you can automatically have my segments appear in your dial. Segments disappear after 24 hours, but my full episodes remain forever! And I post Music to Geek by every day, too. Call in to the show and let me know if you came to Anchor through me channel. I’ll post your calls on the show. If this works out, I’ll try to make this a regular thing and use for the full fledge podcast. Now for a podcast name…?

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