Okay, so I say Justice League is just around the corner in this video. That’s because THAT’s how freaking long it takes to make one of these things. You have no idea. I had no idea. I’M SO TIRED! Uh, but that’s not really why you called, is it? Here is another first-in-a -series of videos I hope to do called Galaxy’s Greatest. These will be Top # lists of varying subjects, characters, concepts and credibility. (That last one’s a joke. I have no credibility.) I’ll take a topic from anywhere in geek culture, and rank my top favs, because I’m all about ranks and labels and am generally a terrible person. Today’s topic is the GALAXY’S GREATEST ?: DC Theme DC Themes. These are the anthems from the vast library of DC Comics animated and live adaptations in both film and television. It’s everything I could remember, but I’m sure you’ll want to share your top DC Themes in the comments, as well. Because that’s a thing people do on these types of videos. And why would I stand in your way? Be warned. I participate in comments. And I stand uncomfortably close to people talking to me. And I have the sniffles. Digital Jedi Master can be found on Instagram and Facebook (@DigitalJediMaster), Twitter (@TheDigitalJedi), Tumblr (@DigitalJedi) and in your grocer’s freezer. Explains the sniffles.

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