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Watch Everything!Okay, maybe not literally. But I try to.The Like/Dislike scenario has gone too far, and here on my channel, I hope to remind people what it was like to be nuanced.Entertainment is subjective. Which means, given enough effort, you can see the value in something you might not have otherwise liked. My goal is to, in some small way, change the conversation around entertainment and remind people that there's no such thing as good or bad entertainment. Only what you're capable of appreciating from it.
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Published at 2019, December 25
There are far more lightsaber duels in heaven and earth than you have seen in the movies, Horatio. Join me as I list the greatest of these battles to have ever taken place on the silver and small screens. (That includes your comprooter, bruh.) And find out out which lightsaber duel is truly the GALAXY's GREATEST! 🌌

If you want to see a playlist of the lightsaber duels featured in this countdown, join me on my Discord and you can request it. If I get at least two requests, I'll do it. Why only two? Because it's very lonely on the Discord and no one talks to me. It's like high school all over again. Or my first job. Or my wedding shower. Or my...hey, come to think of it, I don't like talking to people...🤔

#LightsaberDuels #StarWars #DigitalJediMaster

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